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Our Product Range
and Services:
Specialty Gas: 
Rare Gases
Pure Gases
Gas Mixtures
Laser Gases
Gas Supply Equipment:
    * Gas Flowmeters
    * Gas Supply Panels and Valves
    * Tapping Points
    * Laboratory tapping points
    * Cylinder Cabinets
Cryogenic Equipment & Systems: details
    * Storage and transport vessels
       for liquified gases (LIN, LOX, LAr, LHe)
    * Freezing and Storage Equipment
       for biological samples
    * Transfer of liquified Gases
    * Cooling baths for shrinking and chilling
    * Customized Cryogenic Solutions
       for research and industry
Gas Purification Equipment: details
    * Oxisorb
       reduction of oxygen and moisture
    * Hydrosorb
       reduction of moisture
    * Others
       reduction of Hydrocarbons or Sulphurs
Embroidery and Sewing Supplies
Embroidery Threads
Overlocker & Sewing Threads
Bobbin Thread
Machine Needles