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Specialty Gases
We normally have the following gases in stock:
Helium 5N        99.999%
Helium 6N        99.9999%
Xenon 5N        99.999%
Krypton 5N      99.999%
Neon 5N          99.999%
Methane 2N5   99.5%
Methane 3N5   99.95%
Methane 5N5   99.9995%
Nitrogen 6N     99.9999%
Argon 6N         99.9999%
Oxygen 5N5     99.9995%
Hydrogen 5N    99.999%
Deuterium 5N   99.999%
Other gases are imported on customer orders:
Laser Gases
Calibration Gases
Multi Component Mixtures
Hydrocarbon Mixtures
Fluor and Fluor Mixtures
NO, HCl, CO, Cl, BCl3 etc.
Other Gases on request
Laser Gas Mixture
for Lambda Physik Laser
Fluorine:   0.17 %
Argon:      5.33 %
Helium:    16.5 %
Neon:       balance
Cylinder size: 10 ltr. / pressure: 150 bar
nominal content: 1.4 m3
we deliver all over Australia and NZ