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Cryogenic Equipment
Liquified cryogenic gases have an important role in research and industry.
To store and to supply these deep cold liquid gases of Nitrogen, Argon,
Oxygen, Helium and Hydrogen we can offer and supply a wide range of
equipment from Cryotherm.
Cryotherm is the specialist from Germany for construction and manufacturing
of vacuum super insulated containers and transfer pipes. 
Standard equipment as well as customized solutions are available
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Storage and transport of liquid gases
A large variety of storage and transport vessels is on offer.
Contact us with your requirements and we will offer a suitable solution.
For example we can offer as a storage vessel for Nitrogen
from the Apollo series.
The available sizes range from 50 - 350 ltr. capacity.
Storage and freezing of biological samples
For your own Cryobank to freeze and store biological samples we offer
the Biosafe series. It has:
  • a very Nitrogen low evaporation rate
  • storage volume for Nitrogen to keep temperature for up to 2 weeks
  • wide opening for easy access or a carousel system.
  • full storage capacity available in gas phase.
  • full range of accessories for storage of vials or sample bags in racks,
  boxes, drawers, cassettes, cannisters for straws in goblets, ......
The wide range of different sizes and options for the Biosafe storage vessels
will allow solutions for all requirements.
Customized cryogenic solutions
A wide range of customized solutions can be offered:
- superisolated transfer pipelines for liquified cryogenic gases
  with rigid and flexible pipes and gas phase separators
- super-insulated vessels according to customer required dimensions
- vessels and baths for cryogenic cooling and shrinking
- equipment for research, such a vibration free closed loop coolers
  with subcooled nitrogen for optical components or superconductors.
   contact us:    cryotherm@osgas.com.au