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The OXISORB, HYDROSORB and Alphagaz-O2free cartridges are the right choice if traces of moisture and oxygen need to be removed from your gas supply.
These cartridges are available for flow sizes for laboratories and up to industrial flowsizes.
The small cartridges for Oxisorb come either in glass or in aluminium. There are 2 cartridges per package. The OXISORB glass cartridges will indicate by colour change the loading by oxygen and/or moisture.
These cartridges are designed for operating pressure up to 10 bar, but with the high pressure housing the small aluminium cartridge can be used even for full cylinder pressure up to 200 bar.
Large scale regenerable cartridges are available for industrial applications. These cartridges can allow a flow of up to 100 m3/h at a max pressure of up to 20 or 200 bar.  As multiple cartridges can be installed paralell, there is no real limitation to the allowable max. flowrate. In this picture a Oxisorb and a Hydrosorb R20 cartridge are installed behind each other to absorb traces of moisture and Oxygen. Remaining traces of O2 will be less than 5 ppb and for H2O will be less than 10 ppb!
Oxisorb and Hydrosorb are trademarks of Messer
Alphagaz-O2free is a trademark of Air Liquide